Kel Armstrong Amobi [KAA] Replies Those who are Against Him for Speaking Against False Prophets

Created by KAA KAA in coolval tv 28 Mar 2022
Kel Armstrong Amobi who goes by the alias KAA, in recent times has distinguished himself as a voice against religious fraud.

He has exposed many false prophets including those he has worked with in the past and gotten many people to know about the tricks of the treacherous preachers.

On Sunday he made a post on his Facebook Account calling those who are against his stand towards false religious leaders as the true enemies of God.

“You are the enemy”

You are the enemy of God when you see evil and permits it continuity by refusing to rebuke or speak against it.

You are the real enemy of God when you speak against bad political leaders but call fire and thunder upon those who speak against the errors and treachery of religious leaders. You are a hypocrite!

Look around you; can you not see the enormity of abominable things done to people by those who should be their shepherds?

You are an enemy of God if you defend those who teach us that this world is not our own while they build their heaven here.

This world is ours. It was given to us by God to manage, build, and make our home. This is the reason why man was made.

You are an enemy of God if you defend the treachery of those who extort money from our ignorant parents and create enmity between them and their families and friends.

You are an enemy of God if you defend those who go about planting hate, rancor, disunity, and fear in the minds of vulnerable people with all kinds of false prophecies and staged miracles.

Wake up! We are not your enemy. Even the Bible predicted that a time will come when false preachers will rise from everywhere and deceive so many people through signs and wonders.

You can’t become rich by being a devoted tither and seed sower.
You can’t succeed in anything meaningful by shouting I receive it 21 times in religious houses.

Anointing oil will not cure you of your sickness. Anointing oil will not give you a husband or wife. It will not bring you good luck. It will not protect you from anything.

Church stickers will not stop your gas from being used up. Your pastors pictures will not save you from any sickness or attack.

Why do you always believe that evil people are after your life or your business?
Open your eyes and conquer the fear that has been put inside you through religious threats.

God has no concern with your business neither does your imaginary devil. A pagan will succeed in any business he knows how to do very well and so can a Christian who does not anchor the fate of his or her business on their religious beliefs.

Rebuke the mental laziness that are being planted in us by those who claim to have solutions to everything but offers nothing except to enrich themselves.

How long will it take before you realize that the devil now lives in the temples?
I am not the one you should hate. People of my kind are the ones reaching out to give direction to your lost soul.

This truth is bare for everyone to see but only those who care to look will see it.
My responsibility is to proclaim the obvious truth; it’s yours to continue to sleep or stand up and behold the light.


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