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Hi coolval family,I want to post a story with us just to learn one or two things about life although this story is a fiction of the author but I know you will surely enjoy it and I want us to be following.....



"Stay with me and I will give you everything your heart desires. For you, my darling, I would part the mountains, split the sea, and cause havoc on Earth just to have you."

In every love story, there's always a vengeful and venomous fiancée who was engaged to the rich and handsome CEO that fell for the poor, but gentle and innocent female lead. In his greed for her love, he broke his poor fiancée whose love drove her to the brink of insanity.

No one ever cared about how the fiancée felt.

Zhao Lifei was prepped her entire life to marry one man, but suddenly, his heart was captured by another. She was face-slapped, destroyed, and disowned for loving Zheng Tianyi. She was willing to sacrifice her youth, time, and heart for the man, but all she got was pain and despair.

It took two harsh, but awakening years for Zhao Lifei to finally understand the mistakes she has made in the past.

After her redemption, it was now Zhao Lifei's turn to experience a love grander than the female lead.

Smarter, feistier, and wittier, Zhao Lifei knew how to survive the cruel, backstabbing, and harsh upper-class society was.

"A bastard fiancé that broke my heart? Screw him, I'll find someone richer!"

"All of my friends have abandoned me? Whatever, I'll find better ones!"

"My parents disowned me? That's fine, my grandfather is wealthier and more powerful than both of them combined!"

To the polar opposite of the snarky Zhao Lifei, was the incredibly wealthy and powerful, yet ruthlessly cold Yang Feng.

Yang Feng, the King of the Business Empire, was a man to be feared. Heart of ice, eyes of stone, merciless but enticingly handsome, there was not a single person in this world that dared to offend him.

Many have tried, but none had succeeded in garnering his attention. That is, until his path unexpectedly collides with Zhao Lifei.

Challenges will arise, chaos will commence, and drama will ensue. But then again, what is a love story without disturbance? They say love without conflict is just a simple crush and the story of Zhao Lifei and Yang Feng was anything but that.

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MR. TYCOON’S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely CHAPTER 1 Prologue "Zheng Tianyi, please-" BANG! A beautiful woman was pushed and thrown onto the floor. Her perfectly curled hair was a mess, her makeup was ruined and there were bruises beginning to form on her wrists. Glowering eyes filled with pure hatred and disgust stared down at her. He was supposed to be her loved fiance, the man she would soon wed in one year. Yet, here he was, glaring daggers into her body. The look he gave her was bone-chilling as if she had brutally slaughtered his entire family. Was it possible to hate someone so much to the point of where their eyes were practically burning with venom? A simple glance at his infuriated eyes was enough to send chills down one's spine. Standing next to the ruthless man with her arms wrapped around his left one was a tiny and petite woman, whose face screamed innocence. Pure, docile, gentle, and anything sweet could be used to describe Xia Mengxi. Her skin was pale, like the first fall of snow. Her face was small and adorable, like a cherished and doted bunny. Because of her meek nature, docile-smiles, and the allure of a female lead, she always provoked the protective nature of men — more specifically, Zheng Tianyi, who vowed to ruin anyone that dared to harm her. Zhao Lifei, his childhood friend for two decades and beloved fiancee for one decade, was unfortunate enough to experience this treatment. "You disgust me," He spat out each word, every syllable prickling her heart. Zhao Lifei felt like the antagonist of their Cinderella story that seemed to walk right out of a Korean drama, one that involved a poor, unfortunate Xia Mengxi who managed to capture the heart and attention of a ruthless, but incredibly handsome billionaire. "Don't touch me with your dirty hands." His voice, so dark, but smooth and pleasant to the ears, echoed throughout the room. The socialites of Shenbei watched from the corner, their mouths moving non-stop as they mocked, gossiped, and laughed at the honorable Zhao Lifei, whose reputation was pushed to ruins. Zhao Lifei glanced up at the man. Her heart was torn in every direction and painfully ached at the horrible stare he was giving her. Zheng Tianyi looked at her like she was the scum at the bottom of his shoes, something that was always with him and would never let go. "Tianyi, I-" "Did I allow you to call me that? You vengeful b*tch." He snarled at her, his voice dangerously low. Zhao Lifei felt a pang within her heart. She looked at him as if she had been brutally kicked. When did it all go wrong? Zhao Lifei had dedicated all of her time, attention, and life to him. When he needed help in his company, she was there as the influential daughter of the Zhao family. She helped him pull strings, threatened the people, did the dirty work, and allowed herself to be pushed into the brink of stress, worrying over issues that he should've cared about. And while she slaved away at his desk, Zheng Tianyi was with his lover halfway across the world. Zhao Lifei's long, slender fingers curled into fists. Because of her naivety and heart, she had decided to fall deeply in love with him. Zheng Tianyi narrowed his eyes at her pathetic state. He couldn't believe in his youth, he thought this lowly woman deserved the title of a friend. When she was a child, she was quite normal and caring. Now that she has gotten older, he saw how much of a crazy woman she was. How despicable. He was fine when she displayed signs of jealousy. What man didn't want a beautiful woman desiring after him? But Zhao Lifei had severely crossed the line when she dared to taunt and bully his lover, Xia Mengxi. Who did she think she is? He allowed her to exploit the title of "Zheng Tianyi's Fiance" to a high extent and this is how she repays him? By attempting a hit at Xia Mengxi's life? "You're nothing but a pawn in my game. How dare the pawn come after the Queen." Zheng Tianyi continued to berate the woman in front of him. She had already fallen from her grace, but that didn't mean he understood the meaning of mercy. His parents saw her as a lifetime partner, but she saw this as a despicable joke. "Use my kindness as a warning, Zhao Lifei. Stay away from me and my wife." His voice was chillingly cold, like the freezing wind of the Arctic. If looks could kill, she would've long been cremated and her ashes would have been thrown into the sewers. The atmosphere was frigid, nipping Zhao Lifei's heart. Perhaps her anger and delusion had finally cracked her, but she wanted to laugh at the title he placed over Xia Mengxi. Wife? More like his Mistress. The Zheng family never approved of that woman, because of her lowly background and heritage. "Do you understand me?" Zheng Tianyi hissed in anger when he saw her distant expression. He bent down and roughly gripped her chin up. Zhao Lifei winced in pain, which caused him to tighten his hold. She knew it was going to leave a nasty bruise on her jawline. "Stay. Away. From. Xia Mengxi." Zheng Tianyi's voice was so calm, that it was beginning to scare the crowd. Suddenly, bubbles of confidence surged within Zhao Lifei. It was fueled by her anguished heart that desired revenge for being torn, stomped, and disregarded. "And if I don't?" She retorted back at him, her fiery temper beginning to come out again. A black shadow flew at the speed of light and before anyone could react, a hand had smacked her face with so much force, that it turned to the side. The crowd gasped in shock. Never in a billion years, would they expect Zheng Tianyi to strike a woman. Zhao Lifei's face was immediately swung to the side with so much force, she knew she got whiplash. Tears gathered in her eyes at the stinging pain in her cheeks, but she pushed them down. "Oh my god! Tianyi, are you alright?!" Xia Mengxi immediately grabbed Zheng Tianyi's rough, calloused hand. It was bright red because of how hard he had smacked her. "Does it hurt a lot?" She gently asked him with her sweet as honey voice. She blew onto his red hand, lightly rubbing her cold fingers against it. Zheng Tianyi's eyes softened at the sight of the fragile woman beside him. "I'm fine, sweetheart." He whispered to her. Zhao Lifei hatefully stared at the couple. Zheng Tianyi had one arm wrapped around Xia Mengxi's waist, holding her incredibly close to him. When Zhao Lifei saw him hold Xia Mengxi like the most precious thing in the world, she nearly laughed. Who would've thought the Devil was capable of love? "Honey, let's not pay any more attention to her. I'm beginning to pity her..." Xia Mengxi's voice turned soft and mellow, like the spring breeze on a hot summer day. Instantly, Zheng Tianyi agreed with her. The halo of the female lead was too hard to reject. "As you wish, sweetheart." He whispered to her. He always agreed to whatever she desired. He was smitten by her, and every inch of his heart craved for her. But his parents and Zhao Lifei saw it as foolish puppy love. They had recently begun to date and were most likely in the honeymoon stage. That's what Zhao Lifei believed in, to convince her broken heart. But a deep part of her knew that wasn't true. The love that Zheng Tianyi had for Xia Mengxi was beyond words. Zhao Lifei wanted to keep her mouth shut, but her heart was begging her to open her mouth and seal her fate. Nothing mattered anymore. Her pride was destroyed, her parents disowned her, the people had humiliated her and her reputation was blasted into nothingness. What more did she have to lose? Something hot, angry, and bitter trickled down her eyes. Zheng Tianyi's dark eyes flickered in surprise, at the sight of her tears. It was the first time she had cried in front of him. He nearly laughed, until he realized it wasn't tears of sorrow. It was tears of anger that came from the violent waves of her broken heart. Zhao Lifei saw red. She slowly stood up, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and in a momentary flash, she wanted blood to spill. But a force was holding her down. "Stay down, it's futile to fight back" A voice whispered to her. When Zhao Lifei glanced to the side, she was startled to see a mirror reflection of herself. Was she going crazy? Was all this anger and delusions finally getting to her? Did Zheng Tianyi's slap the senses out of her? "He'll destroy you if you try to fight him. Stay down." The woman softly told Zhao Lifei. When Zhao Lifei reached a hand to push the woman away, the hand went straight through her. Gasping in shock, Zhao Lifei stared at the woman with her eyes wide open. And that's when the floor beneath her collapsed. Zheng Tianyi and Xia Mengxi were gone. The people that taunted and humiliated her were gone. Zhao Lifei stood in an abyss of darkness, unsure of where she went wrong.
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MR. TYCOON'S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely CHAPTER 2 Utterly Humiliated Zhao Lifei abruptly sat up in her bed, her heart hammering against her ribcage. She ran a shaky hand through her hair and squeezed her eyes shut. Her lips wobbled as tears pooled behind her eyelids. No matter how much she tried to brush the haunting past away, the pain would always catch up. Soon, droplets of salty tears fell from her eyes. She struggled to properly breathe, hiccuping for gasps of air. In the cold, dark, and lonely room, she broke down. She wished it had been just a nightmare and not a memory from the past. Her heart ached with the painful memories from two years ago. Surrounded by the country's top socialites, she was utterly humiliated and embarrassed. Her heart was torn into pieces, stomped on, and thrown into the ocean like disposable trash. Zhao Lifei still remembered the pain of watching the love of her life choose a woman he's known for less than a year over her. She had stood by his side for twenty-one years, wasting her youth futilely chasing after a man who never spared her a glance. When he was too fatigued to bother with work, she took a position as Vice President of his company and worked her body to the ground. She expanded the company to its fullest potential. Zhao Lifei did everything she could to support him, and he repaid her by cheating and ripping their marriage certificate. She had naively fallen in love with Zheng Tianyi and dedicated her entire life to him. She was willing to run to the opposite side of the world for him, but he wasn't willing to. She was willing to sacrifice her limbs, health, and womb for him, but he would sacrifice everything for someone else. Collapsing onto her bed, Zhao Lifei stared at the bleak and endless darkness. She had sworn she would forget the past and move on. To some extent, she did. But nightmares, like the one she just experienced, forced her to become aware of the painful past that would forever haunt her. Xia Mengxi... even her name sounded innocent and beautiful. Just like the characters [1] of her name, she was an untouchable dream of a real-life Cinderella. Growing up in a pitiful family whose father left her at a young age, forcing her mother to single-handedly raise her, she had a very sad story. Her mother used to be a janitor in the Zheng Corporation and after successfully pulling some strings, Xia Mengxi was able to land a job as Zheng Tianyi's private secretary. By becoming his private secretary, she was with him 24/7. Zheng Tianyi's interest in her started with a naive and shy smile that seemed to light up the room. Xia Mengxi was unaware of her beauty and potential, which sparked his curiosity. Then that spark became a fire that ignited Zheng Tianyi's heart, and soon, Xia Mengxi found herself with a priceless diamond ring. Because the darkness allowed Zhao Lifei to reminisce without any distractions, she didn't hear the knocking from her door. The light knock became harsher and louder. It echoed throughout the hollow, empty room. One knock turned into two, then three, then four, until it became excruciatingly rapid. Without warning, the door slammed open. A beautiful woman strutted into the room, her hips naturally swaying side to side. Long, slender legs, seductive eyes, perfect body, it wasn't hard to see she was a world-renowned supermodel. Yang Ruqin stopped in front of Zhao Lifei's bed with a scowl. She crossed her arms and glared down at her like a mother waking up her daughter for school. "It's two in the afternoon, and you're still in bed?!" She tugged and pulled at Zhao Lifei's blankets. "Qinqin, let me sleep a bit longer..." Zhao Lifei mumbled, snuggling into her blankets. Yang Ruqin was the only friend that stood by Zhao Lifei's side when Zheng Tianyi practically blacklisted her. When Zhao Lifei's "friends" discovered she had no more power, benefits or the title as the Zheng Madam, everyone abandoned her. After many of the socialites realized Xia Mengxi's importance to Zheng Tianyi, they immediately flooded to her side. Zhao Lifei wasn't surprised when her friends left her for Xia Mengxi. Two years ago, she was supposed to be the vengeful antagonist in Xia Mengxi's life. She was supposed to be the woman that tried to frame Xia Mengxi for cheating and the horrible person that tried to force the loving couple apart. Zhao Lifei will not deny the fact that she used to be a horrible woman whose very name was supposed to be a sin. She couldn't change the past, but she knew she could change her future, which was why she worked so hard to become a better person. "Are you daydreaming again? Did you hear what I just said?" Yang Ruqin fumed when Zhao Lifei didn't respond back to her. "You said it was two in the afternoon, but my room doesn't feel like it. It might be morning— hey!" Zhao Lifei yelped when Yang Ruqin flung the blanket off of her. "No, it's cold..." Zhao Lifei moaned, curling up into a ball. "Ugh, why are your curtains so thick and dark? There's no natural lighting in this room!" Yang Ruqin walked to the long curtains that covered the tall windows. "No, wait! I'm not ready for the light—" Too late. Yang Ruqin had already pulled the curtains open. Immediately, the bright rays of the afternoon sun soaked into the room, washing all of the melancholic darkness away. Because Zhao Lifei's condo was on the fifth-highest floor of the tall apartment complex, the sunlight was stronger than ever. Groaning at the intrusion of light, Zhao Lifei buried her head into her pillow. She refused to get up, but she knew Yang Ruqin would force her out of the bed regardless. "Can't you leave me here to wallow in my sorrow?" Her voice came out muffled. "A high-class lady such as yourself should not be sleeping until sunset. Now get up!" Yang Ruqin chided, adjusting the curtain strings. "A high-class lady without friends, a good reputation, and amazing connections is just a simple woman with money." Zhao Lifei huffed. Yang Ruqin sat on top of the bed and sighed, running a gentle hand through Zhao Lifei's hair. "Did you have the same dream again?" She softly asked, stroking her friend's air. After a few seconds of silence, Zhao Lifei said a meek "Yes." Yang Ruqin's expression grew soft. "Just so you know, I didn't like Zheng Tianyi in the first place; he was utter trash." Zhao Lifei had a small smile on her face. "You only disliked him at first because he stole your pudding on the first day of Kindergarten." "I have a billion more reasons for hating him. He was such a jerk." Yang Ruqin retorted. "And for the record, I still hold him accountable for that!" She pouted, crossing her arms like a stubborn child. Zhao Lifei let out a peal of light laughter, the pain in her heart momentarily gone. "Thank you, Qinqin... I don't know what I would do without you." Zhao Lifei softly whispered. Her voice was quiet and broken, like a lonely child abandoned by the world. Yang Ruqin's face became gentle. She reached down and pulled her best friend into a very tight hug. Together, they've experienced so much hardship in this world, there was nothing that could push them apart. "My dear, I should be saying that, not you." Yang Ruqin mumbled into Zhao Lifei's shoulders. When Yang Ruqin was faced with any crisis, Zhao Lifei was always there for her. From taking the blame of punching a boy in Kindergarten to the days of high school where Zhao Lifei consistently covered for Yang Ruqin's mischievous deeds. They had seen each other at their worsts, their bests, and everything in between. "We're reminiscing too much into the past when we should focus on the present and future. Now come on, get up." Yang Ruqin patted Zhao Lifei's head and watched her finally sit up on her bed. "Hurry up and get dressed, so that we can go eat brunch." Yang Ruqin hurried Zhao Lifei off the bed. With each step Yang Ruqin took, her silky red dress flowed behind her. "It's two in the afternoon, brunch has already ended." Zhao Lifei, the pessimist, grumbled to her friend who laughed. "Alright, party-pooper, we can get lunch then." Yang Ruqin mused, pushing Zhao Lifei into the bathroom. When Zhao Lifei began her morning routine, Yang Ruqin sat in the corner with a hidden, and mischievous smile.
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Interesting bring it on
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MR. TYCOON’S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely Chapter 3 "I don't like this dress, Qinqin...It looks weird on me." Zhao Lifei frowned, running a tired hand through her hair. There were bags beneath her eyes from the endless nights of tossing in her bed and never falling asleep. Ever since she became the laughing-stock of Shenbei, her confidence was at its limits. The haughty twinkle in her eyes from being engaged to Zheng Tianyi had vanished long ago. From losing everything in just the single span of one night, her diva attitude, prideful smirks, and confident struts were all gone. Before the fall of the legendary Zhao Lifei, she was known to be the top socialite of Shenbei. The women always crowded around her, in hopes of currying favors with the rumored Mrs. Zheng. Whatever she wore, ate, and did, everyone copied after her. She was the trendsetter, the single woman that every socialite aspired to be. Her parents swore they loved her. Her friends overly complimented her. The people always tried to befriend her. That all ended when Zheng Tianyi blacklisted and tossed her aside. But after two long and life-changing years, Zhao Lifei didn't blame them. She finally understood how much of a horrible woman she was. She turned women against women, used people like they were a pawn in her little game of chess, insulted girls to tears, and tried to sabotage the innocent Xia Mengxi. Most would say she got what she deserved, but one never saw the truth behind the prideful and spoiled heiress. No one saw how much Zhao Lifei broke down at night, drinking wine all alone in a cold, empty, room until her tears lulled her to sleep. No one saw that broken child reaching for anything that showed her love. Zhao Lifei was only able to snap back into reality when Yang Ruqin roughly shook her. "Feifei, I hope you're not daydreaming again!" Yang Ruqin huffed. She was curling Zhao Lifei's hair in hopes of making her presentable. "I wasn't..." Zhao Lifei sheepishly lied. Yang Ruqin rolled her eyes. "Sure, and I'm the ugliest girl this world has seen." Yang Ruqin resorted with her usual sarcasm. Zhao Lifei chuckled. "Don't be so dramatic, Qinqin." "I'm supposed to be a diva, it's my job to be overly dramatic." Yang Ruqin laughed, wrapping strands of Zhao Lifei's silky hair over the curling iron. "Besides, my dear. You look fabulous, don't doubt yourself anymore." She smiled, placing her hand onto Zhao Lifei's shoulder. "Okay..." Zhao Lifei trailed off, hugging her stomach the way she always did. It made her feel safe. It had been a bad habit of hers after the past two, long, rough years of torment. Yang Ruqin's eyes softened. When Zhao Lifei had experienced her worst downfall, Yang Ruqin was at the peak of her career. Her manager and family forced her to work hard and she was often traveling around the world. She didn't hear about what happened to Zhao Lifei until she had come back two years later. Because she was rarely in the country and was frequently traveling from one country to the other, she barely had time to chat with Zhao Lifei. Zhao Lifei didn't say anything about her downfall. When Yang Ruqin came back, she expected a wedding invitation on her hands, instead, she got the shell of the cheerful woman she used to know. After a while of doing Zhao Lifei's hair, Yang Ruqin finally spoke up again. "It'll be fun today. I reserved a seat at your favorite restaurant, La Roché." La Roché was a very popular and posh restaurant that was rated five Michelin stars a few months after it opened. It was extremely hard to make reservations there; the restaurant never batted an eye to A-List celebrities, powerful politicians, or wealthy socialites. However, the Yangs were able to gain easy entrance. The owner had been good friends with Yang Ruqin's father and had permitted them unlimited entry at the window with the best view. "My favorite? It always seemed to be your favorite." Zhao Lifei teased. She remembered the memories of her youth where she was dragged to the restaurant whenever Yang Ruqin wanted to skip class. "I don't know what you're talking about." Yang Ruqin giggled, clearly lying through her teeth. Her eyes twinkled with mirth upon being caught red-handed. Zhao Lifei gave her a pointed look, forcing Yang Ruqin to reveal a sheepish grin. "Okay, maybe I was too addicted to their dishes, but hey! You can't blame me, their appetizers are amazing!" Yang Ruqin tried to defend herself. Zhao Lifei chuckled, shaking her head in amusement. "Let's not dwell so much on the facts! The driver is waiting!" Yang Ruqin giggled, dragging Zhao Lifei out of her room. The minute Zhao Lifei walked out of her room, she groaned in annoyance. Her living room was very modern and there were large windows from the ceiling to the ground. The sun was at its highest peak today, and Yang Ruqin just had to open all of the curtains. "Some days, I think you're trying to roast me alive." Zhao Lifei childishly pouted. "You need some sun, or more specifically, Vitamin D in your life~" Yang Ruqin teased, nudging her the entire time they walked to the elevator. "Ha. Ha. Very funny." Zhao Lifei snorted in the most unladylike manner. Yang Ruqin chuckled at her friend's lack of humor, then wrapped her arms around Zhao Lifei's arm — clinging onto her the way she always did. The elevator door dinged to reveal the pretty elevator lady. She smiled and bowed at their presence. "To the ground floor, Miss Zhao and Miss Yang?" Had this been the previous Zhao Lifei, she wouldn't have bothered to acknowledge someone like the elevator hostess. But this was the present. She wasn't as childish and disrespectful as she was before. "Yes, the ground floor please." Zhao Lifei nodded, offering a polite smile. "Right away, Ma'am." The elevator hostess said, quietly pressing the button and averting her gaze. The elevator hostess couldn't help but admire Zhao Lifei from the distance. For the two years that she had known Zhao Lifei, the woman was always very polite and warm. There was never a moment in time where Zhao Lifei treated her rudely like she was air, as most of the people in this rich apartment complex had done. The hostess didn't know the tainted past of Zhao Lifei and if one was to tell her, she wouldn't believe that person. This lady was simply too kind to do something so horrible... When the floor dinged and signaled the ground floor, Yang Ruqin pulled Zhao Lifei out of the elevator. "Thank you," Zhao Lifei quietly told the hostess before she was dragged away by Yang Ruqin. When they walked into the lobby and towards the entrance, they were quick to garner attention. With each step Yang Ruqin took, her hair would sway and bounce as the wind ruffled the edges of her red sundress. Because of her eye's feline shape, they always came off as seductive without meaning to. The men leered and took second glances at her, their eyes wide with astonishment. They were practically drooling. Zhao Lifei quietly laughed to herself. She was already used to these looks whenever she walked with Yang Ruqin. While Zhao Lifei chatted with Yang Ruqin, she didn't realize the men were also admiring the stunning woman beside supermodel Yang Ruqin. Zhao Lifei had thought they were only looking at her best friend, and no one else. She didn't expect them to also stare at her. With her high nose of clear wealth, full lips naturally rosy, and fierce eyes, Zhao Lifei's appearance was the opposite of docile and demure. Instead, she looked like a powerful woman that men seemed to fear but secretly admire. Despite what Zhao Lifei thought of herself and her composure, her outward appearance didn't match her thoughts. Perhaps it was due to the years of training and experience, but Zhao Lifei always walked with confidence. Her shoulders were squared back and her head was held high. "What is the rush for?" Zhao Lifei asked when Yang Ruqin hurriedly dragged her inside the car. "I'm just excited to eat, that's all. You know I love food, almost as much as I love you." Yang Ruqin teased, pinching Zhao Lifei's nose.
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Hmmmm life must carry on in order to forget the past
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MR. TYCOON’S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely Chapter 4 Elegantly climbing out the car, one seductive foot at a time, the onlookers gawked in awe as two beautiful women stepped out of the black car. The host at the front immediately came to greet them when the two walked in. He must've been new because his eyes never left the legendary supermodel, Yang Ruqin. Playing into the poor boy's obvious desires, she leaned on the counter, her long slender arm out for him to see. Because the red dress didn't leave much to hide, the boy visibly gulped. Presenting him with a sultry smile, Yang Ruqin was easily able to make him blush. "I made a reservation under YR?" The boy snapped out of his daze, clearing his throat in an attempt to hide his growing blush. "Y-yes, Ms. Yang. R-right this way please." He stumbled over his words, barely able to keep his composure. Yang Ruqin looped her hand into Zhao Lifei's arm. Zhao Lifei couldn't help but stifle her laughter, feeling sorry for the boy who was being severely played by Yang Ruqin. Later on, he guided them to their private room. "That was mean." Zhao Lifei chided when he left the room as if he had stumbled upon a den of lions. This poor kid... As soon as he left, the waiter walked in and handed them the menu with two hands. "I know." Yang Ruqin shrugged, flipping her hair over her shoulders. "This room is quite large for just the two of us." Zhao Lifei commented as she opened the menu. Suddenly, Yang Ruqin, who was sitting opposite to her, stiffened. "The bigger, the better, my dear." She winked. Zhao Lifei who was already used to her friend's perverted jokes rolled her eyes. Whereas, the waiter handling them nearly choked. Luckily, he was able to fix his composure in time. "G-good evening, I will be your server for this evening. May I take your drink order?" Unlike the boy who had guided them into the room, the waiter was much more experienced. "Mm, I'll have some white wine from your best bottle." Yang Ruqin said while opening her menu and skimming through 'Today's Special.' "Just lemon water for me, please." Zhao Lifei quietly said, skipping the alcohol page of her menu. The waiter nodded, memorizing everything in his head. After a few seconds of ordering their food, the two closed the menu. Then the waiter took it, bowed, and excused himself. After he was gone and the two of them were alone in the big private room, Yang Ruqin finally spoke up. "You sure you don't want a glass of wine? They have some of the best collection in the city." She mused, faintly remembering the previous Zhao Lifei who drank wine like it was water. "No, I promised Grandfather I'd stop drinking so much." Zhao Lifei explained with a small smile. When her mother and father abandoned her two years ago, the day she fell from Shenbei's grace, Zhao Lifei was left to fend the evil alone. Her parents canceled her credit cards, tossed her out of their house, and practically disowned her without legal papers, which left her with no resources. Her grandfather was the first to offer her a helping hand. She was surprised to see this, as he placed business over family and was rarely known to perform favors for others, regardless if she was his kin. Little did she know, her grandfather valued her more than the others and it was for a very particular ability she possessed. "Hm, speaking of Elder Zhao, how is he these days?" Yang Ruqin drummed her fingers onto the table, with her perfect chin resting on her hand. Zhao Lifei chuckled at the recent memory of her grandfather in his Kung Fu outfit sparring and beating up men a fraction of his age. "He's as lively as ever." She mused, a twinkle in her eyes. Just then, the door to their private room opened and a different man walked in. "Sir, I think you have the wrong room." Zhao Lifei frowned, her hand secretly reaching for the pepper spray she always carried. The man was dressed in casual clothes but upon closer inspection, Zhao Lifei noticed that his clothes were from the latest season collection of men's clothes by Hermès. "Oh no, he's not. I invited him." Yang Ruqin smiled. Zhao Lifei blinked in confusion. "My dear, meet Han Wuting. He's one of this country's leading doctors." Yang Ruqin gestured the man to sit down on the opposite side of Zhao Lifei. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Zhao Lifei." The man's voice was surprisingly very soft and smooth, like milk chocolate. "Please, the pleasure is all mine." Zhao Lifei warmly smiled, gesturing the man to sit down. Although she was all smiles and sunshine on the outside, an angry storm was brewing within her. She was tired of being set up on blind dates without anyone telling her! She knew that she should've been suspicious when Yang Ruqin insisted she wears a beautiful dress, instead of her usual dress pants. Just when Han Wuting sat down, the waiter walked in with the drinks. He was slightly surprised to see that a new guest had joined the table, but he immediately regained his composure. "Would you like a menu, sir?" The waiter asked while placing down the drinks. "No, I'll have what she's having." Han Wuting nodded in Zhao Lifei's direction. The waiter nodded and passed out the drinks. However, Han Wuting was surprised when he saw that the wine glass was for Yang Ruqin and not for Zhao Lifei. He might've not been very informative on the high society, but when he researched into Zhao Lifei, he was sure that she liked to drink alcohol. Noticing his curious gaze, Zhao Lifei smiled. "I'm trying to cut back on the alcohol. It's not the best thing for my kidney." She lightly laughed, taking a sip of her water. "Ah, is that so. Well, as a doctor, I wholeheartedly agree with you." He winked, rolling up the sleeves of his cashmere sweater to reveal the expensive Rolex watch on his wrists. Zhao Lifei hummed in reply but didn't say much. She knew he was deliberately showing off his wealth, but growing up in the high society, a simple Rolex was not enough to impress her. She had seen better, in particular, Zheng Tianyi's magnificent collection of watches... The entire conversation between the three was light and uneventful, despite Han Wuting's constant chatter where he would often try to invite Zhao Lifei into the conversation. Although she was very polite and would always respond, her answers were purposely dry. She didn't want to lead him on as he seemed to be very interested in her. Han Wuting was not a bad looking man. His hair was half combed back on one side, the other was neatly shaved into a fade, and his features were light on the eyes. He was very polite and respectful, but nothing about him screamed interesting. Although Zhao Lifei has exchanged her number with him, she was reluctant to do so and, purposely gave him the wrong number. The lunch was uneventful and when they walked out, the sun was beginning to set. "Have a good day, Han Wuting." Zhao Lifei bade him goodbye with Yang Ruqin doing the same. "Have a good day, ladies." He smiled, revealing his perfect white teeth. With a final nod, he climbed into his car and drove off.
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MR. TYCOON’S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely Chapter 5 Strong Backings When Han Wuting's car was far into the distance, Zhao Lifei turned toward Yang Ruqin with a deep scowl. She crossed her arms and glared daggers from her eyes. Yang Ruqin shrunk back, knowing she was in for an earful. "Another blind date?! That was the fifth time this month!" Zhao Lifei bit out, her temper slightly rising. No matter how many times she told Yang Ruqin that she was fine being single, the stubborn woman wouldn't listen! Blind dates after blind dates and in the least expected times too! "But Feifei, you're going to be lonely when I leave for my trip next month!" She whined, grabbing Zhao Lifei's arm and swaying her side by side. Zhao Lifei sighed, pinching the spot between her brows. "Like I've told you a billion times before, I'm fine being single. I like my peace and quiet." She frowned. She knew Yang Ruqin was looking out for her. The blind dates came from good intentions, but she was beginning to grow annoyed at Qinqin's persistence. What's wrong with being single? "But, Feifei-" "No buts." Zhao Lifei interrupted, hailing down a cab to take her home. Yang Ruqin pouted upon seeing how eager she was to leave her. "Don't leave me yet! You might not be lonely, but I most certainly am!" Like a child eager to spend more time with her parents, she clung onto her Feifei. Zhao Lifei laughed at her childish friend. Yang Ruqin's pout was absolutely adorable and if she was a man, she'd surely do anything to please her. But she wasn't and pouts didn't work on her. "My dear, you have a lot more friends—" "But I like you the most!" Yang Ruqin childishly stomped the ground, her silver anklets twinkling. The long list of friends and acquaintances that Yang Ruqin had were endless. It was incredible how she was able to make so many friends have constant plans, and yet still have time for herself. Because Yang Ruqin was the only daughter of the prestigious and wealthiest family in the country, many people clung onto her like flies. They always sought after Yang Ruqin's presence in social gatherings because it would significantly boost their status. Zhao Lifei was different. She didn't follow after Yang Ruqin like a lost puppy. Instead, she was independent and very selective of her friends, which forced Yang Ruqin to cling onto her instead. "Don't be mad at me, Feifei. I only wanted the best for you." Yang Ruqin widened her eyes and jutted her lips out into a deeper pout. Zhao Lifei laughed and patted Ruqin's head. "Okay, okay, fine. Come to my house and I'll lecture you for a bit more, then we can watch that show you really like." - - - - - After going back to Zhao Lifei's apartment condo, binge-watching an entire season of a variety show on blind dates, and then throwing popcorn at the screen, Yang Ruqin was officially burned out. Slumped on the couch, she was in a deep slumber. She slept like a child with her body curled into a ball and arms tucked underneath her face. Zhao Lifei chuckled at the sight and placed a heavy blanket over her. After tying up her long hair, she began to clean up the mess they've made. If this was the woman from two years ago, she would've left the chore to the house cleaner. Zhao Lifei figured it was best to not be so lazy. She was twenty-three this year and a grown adult. Being able to clean the house and do her laundry was something she should have mastered the minute she moved out of her parent's house. But she didn't. She used to act like a spoiled brat, one that no one loved, but have to get along with if you wanted good things in life. She knew she could never fix the sins that she had committed in the past, the friendships and relationships she had severed, but she swore to herself she would definitely try to make positive changes in her present and future life. When she was sweeping the popcorn bits into the dustbin, her phone went off. Looking at the contact, she frowned. Her mother was calling her and the woman only did it when she wanted something from her. It had been a couple of months since they've last spoken and that was when her mother tried to splash boiling hot water onto Zhao Lifei's face. She was quick to side-step the attack, or else her face would've been permanently scarred. Her mother never liked her and after what happened with Zheng Tianyi, the hatred was evident. Zhao Lifei hesitated to pick up the call, but on the last ring, she did. The minute she did so, her mother's voice blared out of the phone. "Why did you take so long to pick up? Are you trying to disrespect your mother?!" The woman screeched over the phone, her voice rising louder and louder. Zhao Lifei held the phone away from her ears. Wang Nuoli rambled and yelled about Zhao Lifei's hesitation of picking up the call and making her wait longer than needed. After a few minutes of nonstop insults, Zhao Lifei couldn't handle it anymore. "Mother dearest, please reach your conclusion soon." "You brat—" "Yes, yes, I'm a disgrace, and you wish you didn't give birth to me twenty-three years ago. We've already established that." Zhao Lifei already memorized her mother's insults. Every brutal stabbing of reality was given by her mother. The woman was ruthless and showed no love for her eldest daughter. Instead, she focused all of her attention and love on her prized younger daughter, the perfect star of the Zhao family: Zhao Linhua. "Your younger sister's birthday is coming up. Give us some face by showing up to the banquet." Wang Nuoli bit out. As much as she despised her eldest daughter with every inch of her soul, Zhao Lifei was inevitably extremely useful. She was able to have the terrifying backing of Zhao Moyao, the Monarch of the Zhao Corporation and the man with the highest share in the company. Wang Nuoli hates to admit it, but this brat was smart. Cultivating a good relationship with her grandfather at the tender age of four, she had a perfectly safe spot in his cold heart. "Are you sure you want me there? I can transfer this call to grandfather since that was your ultimate plan." Zhao Lifei hummed, nonchalantly inspecting her nails. Wang Nuoli nearly lost her composure. Of course, her true purpose in inviting Zhao Lifei was to lure out Zhao Moyao. Having such a grand, influential, and powerful man show up at her youngest daughter's birthday would bring endless benefits that no money could afford. Out of all of his five granddaughters, Zhao Lifei was Zhao Moyao's favorite. Wang Nuoli didn't know how Zhao Lifei was able to curry his favor and adoration, but she effortlessly did so. If it wasn't for her strong backings, she would've never contacted Zhao Lifei.
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MR. TYCOON’S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely Chapter 6 Pushed to Her Lowest "You brat, don't act so haughty and spoiled. I raised you for twenty-three years with my own blood, sweat, and tears!" Wang Nuoli slammed her manicured hand onto the glass table beside her. "Mother, please. You only held me once as a baby and passed me off to different nannies until I could walk. And when I did, you found other nannies for me." Zhao Lifei rolled her eyes at Wang Nuoli's melancholic story. It was no rumor that Wang Nuoli didn't love her eldest daughter. Zhao Lifei was born when Wang Nuoli's relationship with Zhao Wenjin was extremely rocky. Both of them were reluctant to marry each other. After heavy pressure from the elders on having a child, Wang Nuoli was forced to sleep with him. For Wang Nuoli, a woman who was used to have everything go her way, that night was brutal torture. Not only was she stripped off her clothes, but also her dignity. When Zhao Lifei was conceived, she was furious. After all of that torture, she had to try again?! The elders wanted a son, someone to pass the family fortune off too. However, that mindset was changed by the time Zhao Linhua was born, the rocky relationship between Wang Nuoli and her husband was gone. She was born from a night of love and consensual sex. "How dare you show an attitude towards your mother? I might've not raised you, but I carried you in my stomach for nine antagonizing months where I couldn't drink my beloved wine! I pushed your big head out of me, screaming and crying. Show some respect!" Wang Nuoli had reached the brink of her patience. Sometimes she wondered where she went wrong with her eldest child. Wang Nuoli was so blinded by the delusion that throwing nannies and money at Zhao Lifei would fix all of her problems. When Zhao Lifei was a child, all she wanted was her mother's love and attention. She received nothing but glares and spiteful words. Growing up, she was taught that she would never be loved by her mother. "Xiao Lin's birthday is in two weeks from now. I expect you to be there." Wang Nuoli realized how quiet Zhao Lifei had become. Hmph! This child finally had some senses talked into her! After a few seconds of awkward silence, Wang Nuoli felt a vein pop out. Was she even listening? "Did you hear me-" "Yes, mother. I heard you." Zhao Lifei sighed. "You better come to the banquet. If not, your father and I will show up at your house. If I have to drag you there kicking and screaming, I will!" Wang Nuoli seethed, nearly throwing the glass of wine in her hand. Little did Wang Nuoli know, Zhao Lifei had long moved out of the house brought by her parents. "Besides, you know how much Xiao Lin love you—" And just like that, Zhao Lifei hung up. Zhao Linhua loves Zhao Lifei? Hah! That must've been the joke of the century! Zhao Linhua wouldn't love her older sister even if her life depended on it. Born as a piano prodigy with hundreds of awards lining her bookshelves, she was already the most beloved daughter. She only cared about relations if there was a benefit in having it. When she had discovered her older sister had fallen from the Zheng's grace, Zhao Linhua was quick to disregard Zhao Lifei. "If you're going to the banquet, you need a suitable partner that will blow stupid Zheng Tianyi out of the waters." Zhao Lifei jumped, nearly dropping her phone when she heard Yang Ruqin's determined voice. Turning around, she was surprised to see her awake. Sitting up with half of the blanket on her shoulders, Yang Ruqin tiredly yawned. "Good luck finding a man like that. Zheng Tianyi is one of the wealthiest men in this country." Zhao Lifei sighed, tossing her phone onto the couch. "I'm sorry for waking you up, was my conversation that loud?" Zhao Lifei tried to change the topic. She picked up her broom and went back to sweeping the floor. "No, I'm just a really light sleeper. And besides, who could sleep when they hear Wang Nuoli's nasal voice?" Yang Ruqin scoffed. Zhao Lifei laughed at her friend, happy she had someone on her side. Yang Ruqin stared at Zhao Lifei sweeping the floor. It was a soothing sight that made her look like a gentle housewife. She did not look like the woman she used to be two years ago. "You should raise the pay of the cleaner and have her come three times a week. It's not good to put so much strain on your back. What if your hand gets rough from all of this cleaning?" Yang Ruqin worriedly said. Zhao Lifei finished her last sweep and glanced up with a small smile. "A woman should at least be good at something. Cleaning can be my skill. Besides, my cleaner recently gave birth. She needs the rest." Yang Ruqin had a wry smile. She couldn't believe the massive change in one person within a span of two years. She wanted to know what really happened on the night that Zhao Lifei placed down her crown as Queen of the Socialites. "You fool. You're good at so many other things, besides cleaning!" "Because Wang Nuoli and Zhao Wenjin wanted me to be good at those things." Zhao Lifei nonchalantly said while placing the broom and dustpan back into the closet. Yang Ruqin frowned. "Don't lie to me. I know you enjoyed those skills as well." Zhao Lifei smiled as she walked to the kitchen. "Perhaps to some extent, yes, but I was a child whose ambition and dreams were shaped by Wang Nuoli and Zhao Wenjin's desire of having the perfect child." She took out the ingredients for dinner. "But you were so good at the piano..." Yang Ruqin muttered under her breath. Because Zhao Lifei was so far, she didn't hear her. When she noticed how quiet Yang Ruqin was, Zhao Lifei turned around to see her friend lost in thought. She shook her head as she started to cut the ingredients. After a few minutes of quiet, but oddly comfortable, silence, Yang Ruqin finally stood up from her position. She wanted to pry more and force Zhao Lifei to finally reveal the horrible things that had happened when she wasn't in the country. But she knew it wasn't the wisest move. Although Zhao Lifei will never admit it, there was a heavy cloud of somberness around her. Whenever she was alone, her thoughts were dark and depressing. Yang Ruqin noticed that half of Zhao Lifei's smile contained a hidden layer of heartbreak, sadness, and betrayal. It pained her to see her best friend in such a pitiful state. Sure, Zhao Lifei still kept her pride and head high, but she had lost whatever self-confidence she used to own. Yang Ruqin missed seeing the girl who confidently laughed, wore anything she liked, and did things without a care in the world. She fumed to herself. That bastard, Zheng Tianyi, he really had the audacity to not only cheat on her, but also destroy everything about her! Yang Ruqin lifted her gaze from the couch she was sitting on to stare at Zhao Lifei whose back was turned. There was a wonderful smell in the air that could only come from Feifei's amazing cooking. As she watched Zhao Lifei cook, she couldn't help but sigh and feel sympathy for her friend. Zhao Lifei had her entire life built around the very man that shattered her. From a young age, she was drilled on how to become his pillar of support, how to manage a multi-billion corporation, how to handle the paperwork, how to fulfill his position when he was absent, how to be his safe haven, and how to be the perfect wife. All of her training and endless nights of sleep deprivation was completely shattered within the span of six months. In just six months, Zheng Tianyi had pushed Zhao Lifei to her lowest for a random woman he happened to fall in love with.
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MR. TYCOON’S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely Chapter 7 Saved His Life After cooking dinner and enjoying it with Zhao Lifei, Yang Ruqin went home to prepare herself for a photo-shoot next morning. Zhao Lifei quickly cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, showered, and then retired to her office. She didn't know why she always came into this room, but her office was surprisingly very soothing. From the light ticking of the clock on the wall, the perfect view of the city, the bright light of the cars beneath, and the calming scent of cotton, everything about this room screamed comfort. Sitting on the large window isle, Zhao Lifei stared at the city below her. She took a sip of from her wine glass, twirling it around and chuckling to herself at the taste of the lemon water. Zhao Lifei was trying her best to not drink alcohol because it reminded her of horrible memories of self-hatred and doubt. While staring at the scenery of the city, she unknowingly fell asleep and soon found herself stuck in a nightmare. - - - - - RING! RING! RING! Zhao Lifei's phone went off the next morning, startling her from the nightmare she was experiencing. In her tired and groggy state, she reached for the phone. She groaned at the soreness of her body. "I slept in such an uncomfortable position, no wonder my body hurts," She muttered to herself. Without looking at the caller ID, she tiredly picked up the phone. "...Hello?" She greeted, her voice laced with heavy exhaustion. "Xiao Fei, did you just wake up?" The aged, yet deep and powerful voice of her grandfather immediately snapped Zhao Lifei from her sleepy trance. Despite the fact that Zhao Moyao was not watching her, Zhao Lifei sat up straighter. "Yes, I did." She sheepishly responded. A low chuckle could be heard. "My dear, it's one in the afternoon. It's not good to sleep that long." He mused. "I hope you didn't fall asleep drinking some sort of wine or whiskey?" Though his voice was light and warm, there was a hidden layer of warning beneath it. Zhao Lifei cracked a smile, even though she knew he couldn't see it. No, of course not. I promised you I'd stop drinking so much, didn't I?" She picked up the wine glass of lemon water and placed it in the kitchen sink. After a few seconds of careful thinking, she added, "But that doesn't mean I've been perfect. I drank lemon water out of a wine glass last night." Zhao Moyao released a burst of hearty laughter at the image of his granddaughter sulking over lemon water. "As long as it's not wine, I am fine with whatever glass you drink from." He was entertained by her words. He was glad she was finally changing her alcoholic ways. It had already ruined her once. He did not want history to repeat itself. "Did you have lunch yet, Xiao Fei?" He asked, clearly having an ulterior motive. Zhao Lifei raised a brow at his question. She prayed he didn't join on the blind dates train. She already had one yesterday! "Not yet. Did you?" She asked, placing the glass into the kitchen sink. "No, I did not. How about you have a nice chat with me in one of the restaurants near my office?" He suggested, standing up from the leather chair. Zhao Lifei already knew he had other plans, but she was too lonely to care. "Sure, I'd love to." She quietly said. "Good, I will see you in one hour." "Alright, goodbye, grandpa." "Goodbye, child." He hung up the phone. Zhao Lifei began to get ready. She knew if he wanted to meet near his office, she would eventually get dragged into the enormous corporation. So she brushed her teeth, took a shower, and wore something business casual. Stepping out of the taxi, Zhao Lifei was beginning to garner the attention of a few onlookers. Because the restaurant was really popular and famous among the socialites, the people immediately recognized the former Queen. Dressed in a white Chanel blouse, Valentino dress pants, and the latest handbag, the women couldn't help but glower at Zhao Lifei. Even when the Queen has lost her throne, she hadn't lost her elegance and grace. Zhao Lifei already knew the women that frequented this restaurant was famous socialites, so she wore an outfit that would leave them speechless. The only con was that she stepped out of a public cab, instead of a private driver. "Haha, all those expensive outfits and she stepped out of a peasant car." "Who does she think she is? Wearing the latest clothes when her credit cards were all blocked?" "I'm surprised she's even able to buy those brands, didn't Zheng Tianyi blacklist her from those stores?" "Hmph, she probably had to ask someone to buy it for her. How shameful." If she heard any of the gossips about her, Zhao Lifei didn't show any signs of it. Instead, she kept her eyes forward and her head up. The crown might've fallen, but she hadn't. Besides, she didn't have time to engage in their mindless chatter and gossip. If she wanted to, she could instantly snap back. but she was too hungry and tired to do so. Zhao Lifei skipped the long line and walked straight into the restaurant. "Ma'am, did you make a reservation?" The woman in the front counter asked, briefly skimming over her outfit. She had been working here for a while now and could instantly smell money; Zhao Lifei seemed to be made of it. "No, I did not." Zhao Lifei's words immediately caused the women by the entrance to giggle and gossip. "Hah, now she can't get in." "Stepped out of a poor car and now she's going to step out with her head low." "The reservation waitlist here is three months, there's no way she could get in." The women laughed to themselves, clearly not knowing her powerful backing. "I'm sorry ma'am, but you cannot enter without a reservation." The hostess politely said. She nearly rolled her eyes when Zhao Lifei pursed her lips. "Ma'am, you're holding up the line. If you don't have a reservation, I'm going to have to ask you to leave." She added on, finally rolling her eyes when Zhao Lifei raised an amused brow. 'If she doesn't have a reservation, why waste my time?' The woman thought to herself. Just then, a man in an ash grey suit stepped forward. His gaze was cold and stoic, forever in a serious and professional manner. The hostess at the front immediately bowed at the presence of the man. "Good evening, Manager Tang—" "Let the honorable guest inside. She doesn't need a reservation." The man's voice was incredibly frigid and the atmosphere around him was eerily calm. "Tang Sudong, it's been a while." Zhao Lifei said, a smile gracing her face at the presence of her old friend. His stony gaze softened at her presence. He gently patted her head and resisted the urge to ruffle it. "Indeed, it has been a while. We haven't talked in two years." He scolded, guiding her inside the restaurant and towards the private room where Zhao Moyao was waiting for her. The people outside of the restaurant were stunned. They never would have thought the Iron Manager would be able to smile or have such a warm look on his face. All of the employees were equally as surprised. Tang Sudong never showed special treatment to anyone, regardless of their social status. They could've been an A-list celebrity and he wouldn't bat an eye at the idea of tossing them out of the restaurant. His mindset was completely different when it came to Zhao Lifei. Without hesitation, he beckoned her inside the restaurant. The people stared at the scene, their mouths open in shock. He treated her like she was VIP or something, even though her current status was way too low in the food chain! No one knew the long history between Tang Sudong and Zhao Lifei, the woman who saved his life.
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MR. TYCOON’S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely Chapter 8 Vengeful Woman "Grandfather, I'm sorry for my lateness. Did I make you wait too long?" Zhao Lifei gently asked while sitting down. Zhao Moyao hummed in reply. "No, I just got here," He blatantly lied, revealing a smile. Li Xuan, his private secretary, twitched his lips at his Big Boss's lie. Zhao Moyao had been waiting here the minute he had called her. He seemed to really cherish the time spent with his granddaughter. He had so many yet he only seemed to favor this one right here. "Are you sure? Li Xuan's lips just twitched right now." Zhao Lifei teased, happy she came thirty minutes earlier than planned. She knew he was the type to constantly wait for her, so she rushed her routine and the cab. Zhao Moyao chuckled, taking a sip of his tea. "It seems I should've made him wait outside." He mused. "That's not nice, grandfather. He has been your right-hand man for the past decade." Zhao Lifei teased right back, giggling to herself when she took a sip of the hot tea. Li Xuan let out an exasperated sigh. The two always teased him as if he wasn't present in the same room as them. Luckily, he was used to their bullying. Whatever made them happy, he would gladly oblige. "Besides, why are you still standing, Li Xuan? Come and sit down." Zhao Lifei beckoned towards the empty seats surrounding their table. "No thank you. I have to leave soon." He said, politely declining the offer. Exactly a few seconds after, his phone went off. Excusing himself, he stepped outside. "Xiao Fei, how are you these few days? I still haven't visited your condo after coming back last week." Zhao Moyao was a busy man. He was the King of the Hotel Empire and Head Monarch of the Zhao Corporation. He did not inherit his position like most company legacies. Zhao Moyao was the youngest in his family, but after working hard, he was able to achieve the outstanding position as CEO of the Zhao Corporation. "It's the same routine; there's nothing out of the ordinary." Zhao Lifei said whilst picking up the menu and briefly skimming through it. "My sources told me Yang Ruqin had set you up on another blind date yesterday," Zhao Moyao listlessly said, but his hawk-like eyes were monitoring Zhao Lifei's expression. Zhao Lifei stiffened at the news and sighed. "Grandpa, please don't tell me you've hired another private team of bodyguards who are watching me from the distance." She placed down the menu and childishly crossed her arms. Zhao Moyao chuckled. "You're a Zhao and my favorite granddaughter — those titles are enough for you to have a hit on your head. You need to be well-protected. Besides, an extra layer of security never harmed anyone." "It'll harm my privacy." She resorted. "Yes, but it will keep you safe. Especially with that Zheng brat and his minx running around the city." Zhao Moyao's voice was nonchalant as he casually threw out the comment. But deep down, he was burning with fury and a desire for revenge. He used to be close friends with the Elder Zheng, but after the horrible humiliation that Zhao Lifei had to endure, Zhao Moyao severed all ties with the elder. He would never allow her to be trampled over, regardless of the things she might've done! The Zhao Corporation had taken a harsh blow in their stocks, but Yang Enterprise came as their aid. "It's fine. I'm not scared of him, grandpa..." Zhao Lifei's voice turned soft and gentle, but it quivered and shook with uncertainty. One glance at the broken and pained expression on her face was enough to make Zhao Moyao frown. "Are you sure you don't want to take up my previous offer? We can try to get rid of that woman—" "No, grandfather. One hit at her, and it'll send the entire Zheng army after us." Zheng Tianyi was in charge of the private military that the Zheng owned and he would never hesitate to use it, especially when Xia Mengxi was in the picture. Had this been the previous, naive, and vengeful Zhao Lifei, she would've immediately agreed with her grandfather. An opportunity to discard Xia Mengxi? Gladly. However, she was not that woman anymore. She had learned her lesson the hard way and was determined to not experience it again. Besides, she didn't want to forever remain the stereotypical ex-fiancee who refused to let go of the big thigh [1] she was constantly clutching. "What that bastard has done to you is despicable." Zhao Moyao placed down his menu. How dare they try to attack his granddaughter when he was out of the country on an important business trip? Zheng Tianyi waited for the perfect opportunity where all of Zhao Lifei's comrades and allies were out of the city or the country to strike her. And indeed, they struck her hard. Within a matter of three days, she was humiliated, tossed aside, disowned, banned, blacklisted, beat, and ruined. Zhao Lifei might've done some horrible things to Xia Mengxi, but Zheng Tianyi's actions had crossed the line. "You've changed so much within two years." Zhao Moyao said, remembering the memories of Zhao Lifei's spoiled and bratty ways. Zhao Lifei let out a light laughter. "I didn't want to be that hateful and vengeful fiancee. A positive change isn't that bad." She rested her cheek on her propped up hand. "You've done too much for that useless man." Zhao Moyao muttered, clearly not wanting to let Zheng Tianyi go unpunished. His granddaughter shouldered all of the hard responsibilities of being Zheng Tianyi's public fiancee. Xia Mengxi was hidden from the limelight, and thus, never received the harsher end of the stick. Zhao Lifei had to endure death threats, constant assassin attempts, staying up for endless nights working on his reports, and signing documents. It was all of the responsibility that Xia Mengxi should've done, but instead of doing so, she ran from it. "I want to let go of the past, grandfather. It's not good to dwell on it any further..." Zhao Lifei whispered, hugging her stomach protectively. The past was the past, it should remain in the past and not the present or future. Zhao Moyao's face softened. The woman in front of him has become a shell that has suffered immense damage. The cracks were clear, and the high walls she created were even more visible. She was severely damaged, and nothing he could do or say could turn back the time. "It's been a while since we've last had a nice chat over lunch. Let's not talk about this matter anymore." Zhao Lifei quietly said, her voice barely above a whisper. Zhao Moyao sighed. "Alright, I suppose we should get back to ordering our food."
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MR. TYCOON’S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely Chapter 9 Once Upon a Time Zhao Lifei knew it was unwise to meddle with Zheng Tianyi anymore. It was especially unwise to try to attack the apple of Zheng Tianyi's eyes, Xia Mengxi. Xia Mengxi was heavily guarded and protected. If one dared to harm his beloved, they would suffer far more than they could afford. Because the Zhengs were the third most powerful family in the country, no one dared to antagonize them. The previous Zhao Lifei from two years ago was not afraid of the warning signs. She had constantly placed a target on the innocent Xia Mengxi's back. She went as far as slandering and bullying Xia Mengxi who never fought back. In her spite, Zhao Lifei had dug deep into Xia Mengxi's background, then discovered something she shouldn't have. When she tried to expose her discovery, Xia Mengxi quickly approached Zheng Tianyi first. And because it was the first time she ever asked for his help, Zheng Tianyi was more than willing to help her. It lead to Zhao Lifei's biggest downfall and the loss of something extremely precious and irreplaceable. Zhao Lifei would never be able to forget the taunting and horrifying memory of Zheng Tianyi's disgusted stare when she begged him to stay with her. She was on her knees, clinging and grasping to him. And what did he do to the woman who made him the man he was today? He called security to brutally strip her on the streets. She was huddled in front of the Zheng Main Mansion and had to call a cab to go home. Luckily, it was night time and there was no paparazzi around to catch the humiliating sight. The word of what happened to her spread like wildfire. Within the span of a couple of hours, Zhao Lifei had lost everything. "Xiao Fei, you're spacing out again." Zhao Moyao chided when he saw Zhao Lifei's blank stare. "I'm sorry grandfather... I just have a lot in my mind." Zhao Lifei sheepishly said while taking a sip of the tea. After ordering their food a while ago, the two were almost done eating. "I can tell." He hummed, wiping his mouth with the cloth. Zhao Lifei smiled at his bluntness. He wasn't the type of man to comfort people or offer them kind words. He showed his affection and kindness towards her in deliberate and small actions that were hard to catch without paying close attention. She didn't mind his behavior. "You're wearing quite professional clothes today." Zhao Moyao pointed out, staring at her white blouse and black pants. "Yes, I was already expecting you might set me up in a meeting as usual when you invited me to a restaurant close to the corporation." Zhao Moyao laughed, the sound warm and hearty. "It seems you've already figured out my plans. But not today, my dear. It's nothing more than a casual lunch." He smiled, setting down his cup of tea. Zhao Lifei slowly nodded and in the next thirty minutes, they had brief conversations on the last couple of days that Zhao Moyao was out of town. - - - - - After the lunch, Zhao Lifei went back home to repeat the same, mundane routine. There was nothing interesting in her life. Two years ago, her life used to revolve around Zheng Tianyi and nothing else. Her schedule used to be filled with doing his paperwork, filing his contracts, creating his business plans, and wasting her entire day to help him run his company. Zhao Lifei stepped out of the taxi and picked up her pace when she realized the sky was turning dark. The minute she stepped into the large lobby of Sky Arc Complex, the rain poured down. From a tiny droplet to a storm as thunder rumbled in the distance, the rain became a harsh downpour. Stepping into the elevators, Zhao Lifei was pleasantly surprised to see the same elevator hostess. "Good afternoon, Ms. Zhao!" The woman greeted, bowing at her presence. "Good afternoon to you as well." Zhao Lifei offered a warm smile to the elevator hostess who pressed the button to her floor. "How was your day? I hope this job isn't that tiring." Zhao Lifei made small talk with the hostess who instantaneously replied back. "It was alright, nothing out of the extraordinary! Aside from standing for a while, it's not as bad as my previous job." The elevator hostess happily explained. Out of all of the wealthy people that walked in and out of her elevator, none of them bothered to smile and talk to her like Zhao Lifei. She was really happy to have someone to talk to in such a boring and tiring job. Having to stand nearly all day was extremely tiring, but conversing with Zhao Lifei made her very energetic. When she heard the rumors about Zhao Lifei and her the way she used to behave, she was a bit swayed by the opinions of other workers. But now that she had frequent talks with her, it seemed the rumors were nothing but simple gossips. "Have a nice day, Ms. Zhao!" The hostess quickly said when the elevator door closed. "Thank you, you too!" Zhao Lifei replied with a nod. After keying in the complicated twenty letter passcode, scanning a thumb-pad, and then swiping the card key, Zhao Lifei walked into her spacious condo. Because her living room windows were so tall and wide, she could see the rain perfectly. The heavy rain created a very sorrowful and melancholy atmosphere. Zhao Lifei removed her coat and set her bag down, then sat by the window to listen to the rain. The sound of rain was so soothing, Zhao Lifei felt inclined to play a melody to accompany it. She stared at the polished, black piano sitting at the corner of the room, right beside the window. It's been a couple of weeks since she had last played, but the rain created such a perfect setting, she knew she had to play it. Zhao Lifei got up from her position and sat in front of the piano. Taking in a deep and composed breath of air, she closed her eyes. Following the tempo of the rain, she allowed her slender fingers to guide itself on the piano. In a trance, she allowed herself to play all sorts of sorrowful pieces, starting with Mozart then ending with Beethoven. In her frenzy of playing the piano, her mind began to wander. Once upon a time, she was a piano prodigy. Before the birth of Zhao Linhua and the neglect of her mother, Zhao Lifei was an award-winning pianist whose performance awed the people into tears. She used to be surrounded by an endless array of trophies, banners, and awards dedicated to her. Any competition that she joined would be an effortless win. When Zhao Linhua was discovered to also be a prodigy, Zhao Lifei was beyond ecstatic. Because she dearly loved her younger sister the minute she picked her up as a baby, she wanted to teach Zhao Linhua the art of the piano. It was all fun and games until Zhao Linhua was compared to her older sister. Afterward, Linhua stopped playing the piano and locked herself in her room. Zhao Lifei was heartbroken at the news and decided it was best to not outshine her younger sister. Thus, at the young age of fourteen, she placed her blooming career into a halt. Stepping into the shadows, she allowed her younger sister to take the limelight. And how did Zhao Linhua repay her? By purposefully showing off her parent's affection in front of Zhao Lifei who got none of it. Not only that, but Zhao Linhua had also chosen Xia Mengxi over her older sister. "Never again..." Zhao Lifei muttered to herself when she felt the prickling pain of betrayal. As the seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours, Zhao Lifei practiced from sunset to midnight. She played nonstop until her fingers were so sore, it could barely move. She was so concentrated on the piano, she didn't notice her shaky hands and the cold sweat on her forehead. Soon, she collapsed onto the piano, her eyes watching the window. With the moonlight casting a pale light upon her translucent skin, she fell into a deep sleep plagued by nightmares.
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MR. TYCOON’S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely Chapter 10 What Would I Do Without You Zhao Lifei groaned to herself when she groggily woke up the next morning, her body sore again. "I need to stop this bad habit of sleeping on random surfaces." She sighed after realizing she had fallen asleep on the piano. Standing up, she stretched her body, feeling the stiffness in her joints residing the more she stretched. After brushing her teeth and taking a morning shower, she prepped a light breakfast for herself. She sat on the table counter that faced the living room and window. Swinging her legs, she sipped her morning coffee and read the daily newspaper. She groaned when her phone suddenly went off. Who would call so early in the morning? It was barely seven o'clock. Her eyes flickered with surprise when she saw Yang Ruqin's caller ID. The minute she picked up, the panicked voice of Yang Ruqin spoke into the phone. "Feifei, what blood type are you?!" Yang Ruqin rushed out, skipping all sorts of greetings. Zhao Lifei's face turned serious. Her Qinqin would never skip her usual greetings unless something dire and important had happened. "I have AB negative blood, why? What's wrong?" She asked, hopping off of the bar stool she was sitting on. From the other line, Yang Ruqin let out a sigh of relief. AB negative, just what she needed! "Where are you right now? Do you think you can make it to First Hospital within the next ten minutes?" Zhao Lifei was taken back by her words. First Hospital? Within ten minutes? Was there an emergency? "I'll try to rush the cab, but I can't make promises." She grabbed her coat and purse, then walked out of her condo. "Okay, please hurry!" Yang Ruqin pleaded, her voice becoming more anxious. "What's wrong? Is there an emergency? Are you alright?" Zhao Lifei asked, running down the halls and towards the elevator. It opened within seconds but with a different elevator host this time. Instead of the usual woman she saw, it was a man who seemed to be a new worker. "To the ground floor please." Zhao Lifei quickly told the man. "I-I'm fine, b-but my brother..." Yang Ruqin could barely form words or sentences as she spoke to her. She seemed to be shaken up and with each passing second, her voice was beginning to quiver. "Your brother? Which one?" Zhao Lifei tried to distract Yang Ruqin from the dire situation at hand. She knew it was best to calm her down by attempting to switch the topic. Yang Ruqin sniffled. "The older one..." She quietly said. Then there was a commotion in the background and the phone clicked off. Zhao Lifei frowned, glanced at the phone and tried to call Yang Ruqin back, but she wasn't answering. She rushed out of the elevator. Luckily, the streets of Shenbei are populated with taxis and she was able to quickly wave one down. "Please reach First Hospital within ten minutes." Zhao Lifei hurriedly pulled out two hundred dollars and placed it into the tip jar. At such a large amount of money, the taxi driver immediately stepped on the gas. He drove as fast as the speed limit could allow him. Sitting in the car, Zhao Lifei worriedly wrung her fingers together. Her soft brows were knitted together as she thought about the possibility of what could've happened. Yang Ruqin had two older brothers and she was heavily doted on by both of them. They were the ideal older brothers, protective and loving. She loved both of them very dearly and would risk everything for them, so for something to happen to them, of course, her first reaction was to panic. Within eight minutes, Zhao Lifei had reached the hospital. She hurriedly paid the driver and dropped more money into the tip jar before rushing into the hospital. She called Yang Ruqin again and within the first ring, she picked up. "Qinqin, what room are you in? I just arrived." "I'm on the first floor, near the emergency department!" Yang Ruqin said, suddenly standing up with glee. "I'm on my way there." Zhao Lifei quickly rushed to the emergency department by following the signs and within two minutes, she had reached Yang Ruqin. Yang Ruqin was anxiously pacing back and forth, chewing on her nails. "Qinqin!" Zhao Lifei called out, walking towards her. "Feifei!" Yang Ruqin quickly went over to Zhao Lifei. The minute she was within arm's length, she tightly hugged Zhao Lifei — clinging onto her like a koala. "What's wrong? Why did you ask for my blood type?" Zhao Lifei asked, eyeing the tall men surrounding the spacious hallway. The men were extremely well built and all of them wore sunglasses. She recognized them as bodyguards, but didn't expect so many of them. "My brother! He's gotten in a really bad accident and needs blood transfusion ASAP. But there were a lot of emergencies at the hospital and they've ran out of AB negative blood in their storage unit!" Yang Ruqin complained, inwardly cursing the hospital. She was definitely going to complain to her parents! The Yangs were not a force to be messed with. Their power and wealth were even crazier than the Zhaos, and their influence was endless. With a hand in different businesses ranging from hotels, oils, restaurants, military, government, and politics, they were a very powerful family with immense backings. How could they run out of AB negative blood at such a crucial moment? Especially when they have Yang Enterprise's CEO in their care?! "I know this is a super weird question but—" "Of course, go ahead and take my blood." Zhao Lifei didn't even need a deep explanation. Yang Ruqin's eyes lit up in glee. "Really?! You're the best, Feifei!" She exclaimed, jumping up and down. Zhao Lifei laughed at her energizer bunny. Yang Ruqin turned towards one of her bodyguards. "My Feifei here said she will donate her blood, so hurry and call the doctor!" She ordered. The man quickly rushed off without another word. Yang Ruqin turned to face Zhao Lifei again. "Oh Feifei, I don't know what I could do without you!" She hugged her tighter, not wanting to let go of her loving friend.
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MR. TYCOON’S DARING WIFE Author:Xincerely Chapter 11 Nothing To Be Afraid Of When the man came back, there were two nurses following after him. The entire process was very quick. After a few questions and tests that confirmed Zhao Lifei was in fact, AB negative, they disinfected the area, prepped Zhao Lifei and began to extract the blood. After two pints of blood, one of the nurses pulled out the needle and placed it onto the cart. "Alright, you're all good to go." The nurse smiled. Zhao Lifei stood up to bid the nurse goodbye, but she felt drowsy. The world seemed to sway from side to side and her vision was beginning to blur. "Feifei, are you alright?" Yang Ruqin frowned. Her eyebrows were knitted together in worry. "I-I'm fine." Zhao Lifei lied, her voice coming out tired and weak. The nurse quickly realized the situation. They had taken too much blood out of her! "Here ma'am, have some green juice and apple slices from the hospital cafeteria. It'll help with your drowsy state." The nurse handed her a glass of green liquid and a plate of apples. "Thank you." Zhao Lifei said, taking the food offered to her. She sat back down to quietly munch and drink the juice. "We'll start the surgery now." The nurse said, wheeling the blood into a different room. After a few minutes, the surgery sign turned on. Yang Ruqin sat in her chair, nervously nibbling her bottom lips as she patiently waited for the surgery to be over with. Zhao Lifei noticed how anxious Yang Ruqin was. She was shaking one of her legs and tapping her fingers on her thighs. Knowing it was best to keep Yang Ruqin's thoughts distracted, Zhao Lifei decided to probe and ask questions. "Mm, Qinqin, you never told me which brother it was. Was it the first or second brother?" Zhao Lifei asked, sipping her juice and eating the fruits. "Surprisingly, it's Feng-ge..." Yang Ruqin sighed. 'Feng-ge...?' Zhao Lifei felt a light buzz in her head. The name sounded so familiar. Where had she heard it before? Zhao Lifei had known Yang Ruqin since they were mere babies, but she didn't remember any encounters with Yang Ruqin's older brother, considering he was a bit older than them. "The reports are claiming it's a car accident, but my parents started a government investigation… They think it's an assassination attempt." Yang Ruqin played with her fingers. Her usual bubbly and energetic voice was soft and quiet. Zhao Lifei felt her heart clench at Yang Ruqin's state. She leaned closer and pulled her into a sideways hug so that Yang Ruqin was resting her head on Zhao Lifei's shoulders. "I-I know I shouldn't worry because assassination attempts happen all the time to rich and powerful men. But none of them ever came this close." Being a multi-billion business tycoon at the young age of twenty-seven, Yang Ruqin's brother had gotten used to all sorts of attacks on him. He was usually prepared, but this time, he had let his guard down. "W-what if, next time, the assassins succeed?" Yang Ruqin was so shaken at the thought, she could barely speak properly. Zhao Lifei hugged Yang Ruqin tighter. "Qinqin, that's never going to happen. Your brother has the military and underground network one call away. Whoever did that to him was just lucky he was distracted with a very important contract deal." "But what if-" "There's no what if's. Have faith in your brother." Zhao Lifei knew Yang Ruqin was the type to overthink the situation. It was best to shoot her down so that she didn't jump to new conclusions within the span of five seconds. Just when Zhao Lifei said that, the surgery light flickered off. A doctor and a few nurses walked out of the room. The two immediately stood up. When the doctor bowed low in respect, Yang Ruqin and Zhao Lifei also bowed. "Doctor, how is he?" Yang Ruqin worriedly asked. The doctor smiled, "His condition is very stabilized. The surgery was an immense success and he should be awake within 2-3 days." "You may visit him in the VVIP ward assigned by the hospital's chairman." The doctor nodded toward the nurses who stepped forward as a guide. The VIP ward was an expensive and impressive feat, but the VVIP ward was something completely different. Only the president, the prime minister, and extremely high ranking military officials could enter the room. It wasn't something that money or status could buy, but Yang Ruqin's older brother could easily and effortlessly gain entrance. When they stepped into the room, most people would've been shocked or awed at the grand space. However, Zhao Lifei and Yang Ruqin were famous socialites. They grew up in wealth; nothing ever fazed them. The nurses were surprised to see their nonchalant and bland expression. Most people, regardless of their wealth or standing, would at least be slightly impressed by the gorgeous room suitable for royalty. The VVIP hospital ward looked like one of the fancy rooms in the Buckingham Palace, yet these women stood there, completely unfazed! Yang Ruqin's brother was wheeled into the room and placed on the bed. After having him stabilized and hooked up to the devices, everyone left the room. Just when the doors clicked shut, Zhao Lifei's phone rang. The name "Wang Nuoli" popped up. Yang Ruqin saw the caller and frowned. "Pick it up, let's see what the Wicked Witch of the West wants." Zhao Lifei picked up the phone and placed it on speaker. Instantly, the frigid voice of her mother sounded through. "Well?! Are you coming or not? Why have you been ignoring my texts?!" Once again, Wang Nuoli was at the end of her wits. She had been texting Zhao Lifei the entire day, but had gotten no reply! "Mother, I was busy and occupied with something important." Zhao Lifei checked her phone and realized it was on 'do not disturb.' When she turned off the setting, 30 texts flooded her phone. "Busy and occupied?! Your family should come first, you insolent wench!" A vein popped out of Wang Nuoli's forehead. Yang Ruqin scowled at the woman's tone. There had never been a time where Wang Nuoli spoke nicely to her Feifei, and it was beginning to piss Yang Ruqin off. "What is your point in calling me? Cut to the chase, mother. I have something urgent on hand." Zhao Lifei glanced at Yang Ruqin's stormy expression. "Inpatient brat, I haven't started my lecture yet—" "Your lecture is ten years too late." Zhao Lifei sniped, her words as sharp as a blade. Wang Nuoli breathed in deeply. She calmed herself down and reminded herself that she was talking to Zhao Lifei for the sake of her precious daughter, Zhao Linhua. "Your beloved sister's birthday is a few days away. Are you coming or not?" Wang Nuoli pestered on. Suddenly, a plan popped into Yang Ruqin's head. Zhao Lifie pursed her lips. "I'm not—" Yang Ruqin snatched her phone, "She's going." And without waiting for Wang Nuoli's reply, Yang Ruqin hung up. Zhao Lifei gasped. She could not believe Qinqin just did that to her! Was Yang Ruqin out of her mind? Did she forget to take her medicine this morning?! "Qinqin, are you crazy?! Why are you throwing me into the tiger's den?" Zhao Lifei scowled, angrily crossing her arms. "Feifei, I wouldn't do that without a bigger plan in mind." Yang Ruqin chuckled, a dark and mischievous smirk forming on her face. Zhao Lifei's frown deepened. She hated when Yang Ruqin smiled like that because that smile always meant she was up to no good. "We both know that bastard Zheng Tianyi and the stupid Xia Mengxi would definitely be there since Zhao Linhua was their biggest supporter." Yang Ruqin laid out her plan. "As much as I hate to say it, Zheng Tianyi's reputation is supreme. There are only a handful of men in this country who can top it. And it just so happens, my outstanding brother with a better surname than the Zheng's, Yang Yulong just happens to be free on the night of Zhao Linhua's birthday!" Yang Ruqin gleefully clapped her hands. Zhao Lifei frowned. She didn't like where this plan was going... "I can get Yang Yulong to be your date for her banquet!" Yang Ruqin happily said, her eyes shining at the opportunity of face-slapping Zheng Tianyi.
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